Oscar Schwartz is a writer, researcher and teacher in Darwin, Australia. He is interested in how the entanglements of technology and culture change the way we think about purpose, value and humanness.

Previously, he was a doctoral candidate at Monash University. His thesis investigated the long history of the application of computational methods and mechanisms to generate literature, from ancient divination rituals to poetic bots on Twitter. 

Currently, he's working on a project about the seven jobs that are least likely to be automated in the next few decades. It looks at what skills these jobs require, what makes them enduringly human, and what might be lost and gained in the pursuit to automate them. This will be published as a book by Scribe within the next few years. 

Oscar also has a book of poetry called The Honeymoon Stage published this year Giramondo. 

email: oscarschwartzis[at]gmail.com

twitter: @scarschwartz

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